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Cairns Elder Trophy

An excerpt from the Minute book for the second game.

14th April, 1950, annual match against Crossmyloof at Scottish Ice Rink, Crossmyloof.

During the evening we had a break for tea which was provided by our club. At the finish we all adjourned to the lounge where our president announced the scores and thanked Mr E Dunbar of the Crossmyloof club for the friendly game. He also said next year we might arrange to meet at Falkirk where we might put up a better show. Mr Dunbar replied they would be glad to meet at Falkirk if ice can be got. Mr Fred Elder mentioned the passing of our old friend and brother curler John Cairns and how much we all missed him. Bus fare and tea cost us 6/- each.


Below,  a record of the first 10 matches.

  • Game arranged by Fred Elder and John Cairns, Presidents of Crossmyloof and Sauchie and Bannockburn respectively. The ice booked by Mr Elder.

  • Took place at Scottish Ice Rink, Crossmyloof on 29th January 1949. 6 rinks a side played and Crossmyloof won by 18 shots overall.

  • The club travelled to the ice rink in a special bus and were treated to tea by their hosts.

  • A second match was arranged also at Crossmyloof. Unfortunately, John Cairns passed away and so only ever saw one match.

  • At the end of the 1950 match it was agreed to have the games hosted turn about between the clubs.

  • Fred Elder intimated after the 29th October 1959 match at Crossmyloof, that he would present a trophy for the match the following year to be played for annually.

  • On 2nd November 1960, Willie Arnott handed over the trophy to the Presidents of both clubs (as Fred Elder was too ill to attend).

  • Crossmyloof won that match by +20 shots and so became the first winners of the trophy.

After the 1977 match, each club had won the match 15 times. It was one of the few matches undisturbed by the closure of the Falkirk Ice Rink in 1977 as the clubs played at Crossmyloof till the new Stirling Ice Rink opened.


Over 50 years later the matches are still played in the same friendly spirit with tea (a meal) after the game to celebrate the occasion.