Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Club Coach

Roles and Responsibilities


ROLE TITLE:                             Coach

RESPONSIBLE TO:                  The Club Development Officer and Management Committee


To support, deliver and evaluate quality curling coaching activities which meet the aims and objectives of Sauchie & Bannockburn Curling Club.

SKILLS REQUIRED:                  Well organised

                                                      Able to keep records

                                                      Confident about handling figures and money


                                                      Prepared to make a regular time commitment


  • Responsible for planning and delivering safe & fun coaching sessions.

  • Prepare venue, equipment and all activities in line with minimum operating standards making the safety of people paramount.

  • To deliver activities as part of a planned progressive programme

  • Retain members by developing curling skills.

  • To undertake all administrative duties.

  • To collect participants coaching fees where necessary in accordance with club policy.

  • To provide appropriate mentoring, further support, guidance and advice to participants and assistant coaches or helpers

  • Commit to a programme of continued development to ensure that coaching provided is of the highest quality and includes taking part in an annual induction.

  • Adopt a fair and equitable approach to coaching at all times. This includes adapting sessions to cater for individuals with a different range of abilities regardless of age, gender, race or disability.


The time commitment for being the club coach for Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club is estimated to be 2 hours a month average.