Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Winner will be decided by:

• Total Points – points allocated - 2 for win, 1 for draw

In the event of a draw, total shots scored will decide the winner.


If you need someone to take your place for a game, please try players in the team not playing that night.

corrieri trophy
  • At a committee meeting on 21st September 1961, it was intimated that Mr Corrieri, who was president of Gargunnock Curling club some years ago gave them a silver cup and as this club is now defunct he has kindly offered this cup to the club for annual competition.

  • The cup was engraved and had to be reground and our club details substituted. The Gargunnock winners names which were fixed to the wooden base were removed and returned to Mr Corrieri, who defrayed the expense of doing so.

  • It was agreed after a vote to play for this trophy as a 'Colts Match' as the ice for this had already been booked. This young curlers match had been played for the first time the season before.

  • Mr George McInnes's rink won the trophy for the first time on 8th December 1961 with a score of +5 shots up.

  • Mr Corrieri himself presented the trophy to the winner the following season when John Muirhead's rink won it.

  • The Corrieri Cup became a league in season 1966-67 with each skip having a pool of players from which to draw his rink, the skips no longer being young curlers but the alloted skips of the club.

  • The then president, W J Hendry won the trophy as a league competition for the first time.

2020 champions are Norman Ainslie, Ian Mackie, Alan Hadden and Luisella Mosley who won all their games.