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An Early Member's Eye Witness Account

On Thursday 8th December 1927 the club held its Annual Supper in the Masonic Hall, Bannockburn. During the proceedings, a presentation of a portrait was made by Major Wilson to Mr John Muirhead (below) recognising 55 years club membership. John Muirhead’s reply gives us the clearest account of the early times of Sauchie and Bannockburn. Upon thanking the club, he gave the following resume which he thought would be of interest to the “many young members present.”

As the supply of water gave out, we again had to be at the expense of putting in a pipe from the Bannock, at the back of the old spinning mill, to the pond, which has proved ample, and is the supply today. We have three medals which used to be played for by points, and in 1896, when Miss Maitland (now Lady Steel Maitland) was appointed Patroness in place of her mother, she very kindly offered a pair of curling stones to be played for by points every season, and which were gratefully accepted.


I have many pleasant recollections of games and matches played in those 55 years. I have played in every Grand Match at Carsebreck, except one, since 1873, and our Club has been three times first in the Province match at Larbert, and you will see by the medals I am wearing tonight that our Club has been moderately successful in past years. We have had little or no curling since 1913, except for a few days in 1925, when the Grand Match was played at Carsebreck for the first time since February 1912. The longest periods of frost I remember were the years 1878-79 and 1880-81, when we got curling to our hearts content. We finished up the 80-81 season by playing Dundaff Club on Loch Coulter on 27th January 1881, when we won by 26 shots. I don’t suppose there will have been a match played on Loch Coulter since. We also played two matches on Lake of Menteith.


Major Wilson and Brother Curlers, I beg to thank you for the kind words spoken about me tonight, and for the token of your esteem in presenting me with my portrait, of which I am very proud.”


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