Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Club Rules from First Minute Book

Rule 8  That the annual subscription of each member shall be one shilling payable at the annual general meeting and when a member  falls one year in arrears he shall be liable to be struck out of the list of members, unless cause to the contrary shall be shown to the office bearers.


Rule 9  In case of any repairs becoming necessary to the curling pond, the office bearers have it in their power to carry the same into effect and to levy from each member his proportion of the expense.


Rule 10  It is understood that each member shall have a pair of curling stones on the ice and in the event of any member not having stones after one season of ice shall be liable at the discretion of the office bearers to be cut off the list of members.


Rule 11  That these rules and regulations cannot be altered except at the annual general meeting and notice of such alterations must be given at the previous annual general meeting.


Rule 12  That the annual general meeting be constituted by the reading of these rules.

Rule 1  The club shall hold an annual general meeting on the first Tuesday of October in each year for the election of office bearers and other business of the club.


Rule 2  That the office bearers shall consist of Patron, President, Vice President, Representative Members, Treasurer, Secretary, and a committee or council of management consisting of five members.


Rule 3  That a special meeting may at any time be called on a requisition from any eight members of the club or five office bearers or by the President himself.


Rule 4  That the Office Bearers shall have full powers to carry out all arrangements connected with the club. Five being a quorum.


Rule 5  That the secretary shall keep a record or book in which shall be entered all minutes of the meetings and other writing and correspondence connected with the club and exhibit the same at every such general or special meeting or to the office bearers when called on. The Treasurer to keep a correct statement of the funds of the club in a book and exhibit in the same manner.


Rule 6  That new members shall be admitted after being proposed and seconded at the above annual general meeting or at a special meeting to be called as afore said. All persons wishing to become members must give in their names to the secretary and the secretary shall report the same to the president within eight days thereafter.


Rule 7  The entry fee of each member shall be five shillings on payment of which and after his initiation his name shall be added to the list of members.