Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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Milestones in History of the Club


  • 2nd February 1857, Formed Sauchie & Canglour Curling Club in Pirnhall cottage, Bannockburn.

  • 20th February 1858, first recorded match by the club, North of Auchenbowie Burn v South for Beef and Greens.

  • 25th July 1860, initiation into Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

  • 11th October 1861, the first medal presented to the club from J Lowis of Plean to be played for at points.

  • 31st December 1861, at Carsebreck, first appearance at a Grand Match.

  • 7th January 1864, first Province match (Monteith Province match at Lake of Monteith).

  • 4th February 1873, J Dick medal to be an annual competition between Sauchie & Bannockburn and Denny Greens on each other’s ponds alternatively. Denny Greens won first match.

  • 25th July 1873, RCCC Meeting of the Representatives Committee officially change name to Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club.

  • 1873, club in debt creating the curling pond at Wauk Mill. Donations from Col and Capt Wilsons and J Dick remove the debt.

  • 10th October 1874, Wauk Mill curling pond ready for play.

  • 18th December 1874, first District Medal win recorded, against Vellore at Larbert.

  • 15th October 1875, assurance given that Wauk Mill ground given rent free by Sir A Gibson Maitland.

  • 22nd October 1875, £10 debt removed. Further improvements required for new water supply to pond plus erection of a curling house using old office from Catcraig Quarry.

  • 7th March 1876, £36 in debt, borrowed the money to pay for improvements.

  • 14th December 1882, first Stirlingshire Province match played.

  • 21st January 1886, won the Stirlingshire Province match for the first time with +41 shots up.

  • 29th September 1891, the debt of the club had been cleared after 15 years.

  • 8th January to 25th February 1895 recorded 12 matches played in club minutes, the most outdoor curling ever recorded.

  • 20th October 1896, Miss Maitland accepted her election as patroness of the club and offered to present a pair of curling stones for competition annually to the club.

  • 11th December 1907, jubilee dinner at Commercial Hotel, Bannockburn.



  • 9th April 1908, Grand Match at Crossmyloof Ice Rink. Played Hollyrood and lost by -2 shots. First time the club had played indoors.

  • 1913 to 1924, the longest spell where there is no record of any curling.

  • From 1930 to 1938 (except 1933) Whist Drive and Dance raised over £104 for the club.

  • 6th October 1931, secretary booked ice at Crossmyloof for club games for the first time.

  • 2nd October 1934, now over 50 members of the club for the first time.

  • 2nd December 1938, played two rinks at opening invitation tournament at new Falkirk Ice Rink.

  • 16th January 1940, first final of Mitchell Wilson Trophy at Falkirk Ice Rink. Finalists all received a £5 roast of beef.

  • 29th January 1949, first game against Crossmyloof, arranged between the Presidents of both clubs, J Cairns and F Elder of Crossmyloof. Became an annual match there after.



  • 30th November 1955, first three lady members admitted to the club.

  • 16th October 1957, centenary dinner in the Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling. 86 people attended.

  • 22nd November 1968, won the Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy for the first time. Retained the trophy the following year as well.

  • 12th March 1970, won the Stirlingshire Province Col Murray Trophy for the first of three consecutive years. Also 11th March 1971 and 10th March 1972.

  • 27th April 1970 AGM agreed a new constitution which removed the last references to outdoor curling and requiring a pond as well as moving the AGM to the end of the season.

  • 16th October 1980, Opening Bonspiel for the newly presented Morrison Trophy won by J.C. Hope’s rink on the new ice rink.

  • 26th March 1985, Points competition won by a lady member for the first time, Mrs Irene Kerr with a score of 39 points.