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Christmas Dinner in the restaurant for the 16 players plus Anne Kane.

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The Christmas Dinner after the bonspiel had to be arranged specially in advance and we were well rewarded for the effort we put in by providing our selections two weeks beforehand with an excellent meal that was also great value for money. The club subsidised the cost at £5 per head to make it even better value. We showed our appreciation of the food and service by leaving a tip of over £40 for the kitchen staff. Well done to them and well done everyone for turning up and making it a great night.

Mitchell/Wilson finally decided

On Thursday night at 8:45pm on 7th February we replayed the final match of the competition to clear up the substitution mistake that led to Norman Ainslie's rink unfairly penalised and ultimately losing the match and the competition. It certainly looked one sided at the start with Jim Marshall taking a 3 to a 1 reply before winning the next three ends for 4 shots. However Norman's rink came storming back with a 3 of their own and lying 4 in the last end with Jim still to play,, they had enough to win if Jim didn't make the shot. So no pressure then as Jim played a draw through a narrow window to cut Norman's final score to a 1 and so win the match. So Jim Marshall's rink take the trophy. Thanks to all who played.

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Muirhead Final line up completed

The Muirhead Trophy FINAL will be played at the Main Ice Rink on the 18th March at the unusual time of 5:45pm so please be aware of this. The final will be between Team Watt (Alan, Graeme and aroline Anderson and Joan Anderson) and Team Marshall (Jim, Derrick Douglas, Iain Gwynne and Ian Mackie). Both teams won their respective matches in the first round. Team Marshall beating Team Brisbane on the 6th March 8 v 4 with a 4 in the first end being decisive in securing victory. Good luck to everyone involved in the final.