Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Winner will be decided by:

• Total Points – points allocated - 2 for win, 1 for draw

In the event of a draw, total shots scored will decide.


If you need someone to take your place for a game, please try players in the team not playing that night.

The McWattie Trophy being accepted by the Season 2013 winners, left to right Rory MacKenzie, Linsey Alison and John Brisbane. President Alison Dawson is mostly hidden by the ecstatic Rory.

McWattie Trophy
  • It was intimated at the Annual general Meeting of 23rd April 1990 that a trophy in memory of the late Alex McWattie was to be presented to the club.

  • The Secretary was then asked to pursue an appropriate ice allocation to allow either a knock out or bonspiel competition.

  • Alex McWattie was president from 1962 to 1965.

  • He was secretary from 1965 to 1981.

  • He was elected a skip in 1958 and remained a skip till resigning in 1985.


The McWattie Trophy was not completed in season 2014-15 due to the closure of The Peak Ice Rink because of a faulty wall. Only one game was played.