Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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1st April, Wednesday at 6:15pm in the Arena at the Peak Ice Rink

Winner will be decided by:

• The most number of ends scored

• In the event of a tie then shots up

• Total shots scored would decide if still equal.

The David Miller Cup


This has been the last rinks match played within the club since 1944 and is now the trophy of the Closing Bonspiel.


The 2012-13 winners are pictured left to right, Alan Watt, Dougie McKenzie (skip), .Derrick Douglas and Liz Dixon.

Millar trophy
  • David Miller Senior presented the cup to the club in 1943 when he was President.

  • It was decided to hold a rinks competition for the cup early in 1944 with winning rink the one having  most shots up on the night.

  • An entrance fee of 1 shilling (5 pence) was charged to fund a wooden base and silver plates to inscribe the winners’ names.

  • 8 rinks competed for the cup at Falkirk Ice Rink.

  • The club secretary, W D Muirhead, won the first competition by 15 shots up. He was presented with the trophy by the President, donor Mr D Miller, at Falkirk Ice Rink.

  • In the 1945 match, each member of winning rink received 10 shillings (50 pence), runners up 5 shilling (25 pence) from entry money and donations.

  • Entry was set at 2 shillings a player for the 1945 match.

  • In 1948 a special double decker bus took 12 rinks to play for the cup.


Please note – rotate positions with members moving up the rink to give everyone a shot at playing from lead to skip.

We have the opportunity of having a drink after the game as well.

Player Rotation for a more Sociable Event........