Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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Winner will be decided by:

• The most number of ends scored

• In the event of a tie then shots up

After being suggested at the Club AGM, Season 2014-15 was the first time the rotation of 5 players across all the positions was tried and it made for an enjoyable match with everyone getting a chance to play in all the roles of the team. It is now a permanent fixture for this bonspiel.

Morrison Trophy



3th September Monday at 6:30pm in new NCA rink

  • In 1980, the Morrison Trophy was presented to the club for annual competition by Mrs Nancy Morrison.

  • The trophy was used for the opening bonspiel played on the 16th October 1980.

  • J C Hope's rink were the first to win this trophy by +9 shots.

  • It has been played for in the opening bonspiel ever since.

Please note – playing 2 teams of up to 5 people. Where there are 5 team members, rotate different person off each end with members moving up the rink to give everyone a shot at being skip etc..


Skip comes off and the new player comes on as lead, the rest of the team moves up a position.


There will be no scheduled meal after the game, but there is a great opportunity for a sociable drink in the restaurant.

This game involves Position Rotation for a more Sociable Event

We had to rejig the teams to play the match in 2017-18 and in the end, one team proved too strong and won by 5 ends to 2. However, it was a great experience for everyone playing in the National Curling Academy for the first time and we look forward to playing there again.

The winning team was Joe Kincaid, Jim Marshall, Norman Ainslie and Duncan MacKenzie (not in photo).