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Muirhead Family

No history of our Club would be complete without reference to Mr. Alex Kemp, our oldest member, who has been associated with the club for 57 years. He was joint secretary for 3 years and President for 3 years.  One would not expect him at the age of 91 to take part in the “Roaring Game” but his interest in the Club has never abated. For the last 14 years he has acted as a representative member attending R.C.C.C. Annual General and Province Meetings. He attends all committee meetings where his advice is much sought after.  It is of note to record that he has been with the same firm for 76 years. We as a Club are greatly honoured having this grand old gentleman still with us and so keenly interested in our welfare”.


Those were the words of former president and secretary of the club W. D. Muirhead Esq. written on the occasion of the club's centenary in 1957. As was noted at the time, there have been four generations of Muirheads in the club from the very beginning, including his son Jimmy Muirhead, who was a club member for over 65 years. Jimmy remembered well playing with Mr. Alex Kemp who at the time of the centenary was 91 years old and had been associated with the Club since 1900. Between Alex and Jimmy, they have covered an incredible 107 years of our club's 150 year history.


Jimmy was also the proud holder of a 50 year medal for continuous membership of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. His son Hamish also curled for many years.


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As we have observed the Muirhead family over the century have taken a prominent part in the affairs of the Club and we must put on record the work of our present secretary. Mr. W.D. Muirhead, (photo left) who has held this post for the past 31 years. The strong position in which the club finds itself today is due in no small measure to the enthusiasm and efficiency with which he performs his duties, and these duties in the last few years have become very onerous. Reference has already been made to our social activities and their outstanding success was mainly due to the zealous manner in which he organised them. These functions are not confined to members of the Club and he is always ready to extend a hearty welcome to our friends, curlers and non-curlers alike. Since his retirement a few years ago, he has devoted a great part of his time to the game of curling, both in an administrative and playing capacity, so it was a fitting reward when, in 1956, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club recognised his services to the game by electing him to the office of Senior Vice-President. It was undoubtedly a great honour to him but also one of which we members are proud. His many friends and fellow curlers will join in wishing him many more years not only as Club Secretary but also as an active curler of no mean ability.