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News 2012-2013

14th September Points Competition held.


A lower turnout than last year enabled those who did take part to get through nine disciplines before the bell sounded and it was the eighth one that proved to be the highest scoring one. Chipping the winner scored the highest, followed by Striking and Inwicking. Graeme Anderson won overall with 31 points. More on the Points page.

Scoresheet for the points. Analysis of the scoring.


5th October McWattie League Decided.

The first league game of the new season for the McWattie Trophy was played on Tuesday 18th September with the four teams competing on rinks 5 and 6 at the Peak Ice Rink. The match with Linsey and Murray skipping went to the final stone to decide a winner with Murray just failing by a few inches to secure peels, so losing by 1 shot.


The second league game was played on Thursday 27th September with the four teams competing once more. Once again the match with Linsey skipping this time against Dougie went to the final stone to decide a winner with Dougie also just failing by a few inches to secure peels, so losing by 2 shot.


The final league game was played on Friday with the four teams competing once more. Once again a match went to the final stone to decide a winner with Val just missing a take out to end up peels, rather than winning by a single stone. Linsey retains the trophy she won last year.

11th October Province Knockout match.

The semi final of the Stirlingshire Province knockout competition match against Kilsyth ended in peels of 6 shots each, however the Kilsyth team had won more ends at 4 to our 3 with one end blank and so they go through to the final. The highlight of our night was skip Calum Macnee's double take out with last stone to count three shots in second last end .

23rd October Hendry Trophy match.

The novice skips competition was an exciting affair and no doubt a good learning for the novices. As was to be expected on the night, play was a little slower as guidance and coaching was applied to the skipping role and eight ends were not achieved on either rink. Bob Turner skipped the rink with the greatest shots up and so wins the trophy. Well done to Bob and his mentor Dougie for putting in a good show if a little nervy at times especially in the last end.

Hendry trophy

21st November Mitchell Wilson Trophy Decided.

Three rounds on three Wednesdays decided the Mitchell Wilson trophy this year. The first round was on the 31st October with rinks 1 v 2 and 3 v 4. The winners were as announced first, winning 8 v 5 and 7 v 6 and good games they were.  Val Saville skipped another two wins to secure her first trophy skipping a rink and a great achievement it was to remain unbeaten. Well done to Val and her rink.

The winners of the Bullions Trophy seem more than happy to accept their prizes as they wish everyone a Happy New Year. Cheers.

Left to right, LizDixon, Murray Collins, Joan Anderson (wearing the Secretary's antlers and presenting prizes) Brian Millar, Alan Watt.


The Christmas Dinner was up in the restaurant after the game. Everyone went up for a drink and some hearty curler's fare or turkey and trimmings if you preferred.  Coffee or tea and mince pies rounded off the night. Merry Christmas to you all.

xmas2012 xmasdinner2012

18th January Button Trophy win against Torbrex.


In the annual match against Torbrex we retained the Button Trophy (Swanswater) with our two rinks being successful on the night. It is always a pleasure to play with our Torbrex brothers and sisters and the evening was very enjoyable with much banter among the players.


22nd February Polmaise Trophy win against Borestone & Stirling.


In the annual match against Borestone & Stirling we retained the Polmaise Trophy with a very close game among the four rinks involved with one of our rinks losing but the other winning by just enough to overcome the deficit. There is a such a long history of playing and socialising between the two clubs that it is always a pleasure to play with our Borestone brothers and sisters and the evening was enjoyed by everyone. Called down to the rink by Linsey Alison as a reserve in case one of the team did not turn up, Joe Kincaid actually played as a substitute for one of the Borestone teams to make up the four, being a member of both clubs. He even ended up on the winning Borestone rink, but Linsey played a cool last stone to clinch the match.

More on the history of the trophy.


1st March Muirhead Final Played.


The date was meant to be the semi-finals but on the night only two teams really turned up as the other two teams were both two players short due to circumstances and substitutes could not be found at short notice. Friday night obviously didn't help. So it was decided to play the final there and then with the teams that did turn out. They were skipped by Calum Macnee and Joe Kincaid and the game could have gone either way and decided by the odd mistake that was more drastic for Calum's rink that Joe's, Joe winning by three shots in the end.  The other two rinks played a friendly for a few ends then went up to the bar to watch the final.

18th March HOPE Pairs Final Played.


The final this year was between Rory MacKenzie and Robert Stewart against Joe Kincaid and David Hird. It was a close contest all the way. Joe and David started off with two shots but Rory and Robert stormed back to win the next two ends at a shot a time to level the score. Joe and David then won the next end by a single shot and Rory and Robert repeated their double to take the lead going into the final end. With the last stone advantage Joe had two draws to snatch a win in the last end to score two shots.

Crossmyloof22013 Crossmyloof12013

The annual match with Crossmyloof took place on the 19th of March and was truly a friendly match with peeled scores both in shots and ends, 10 and 7 respectively. It all made for an enjoyable meal afterwards in the restaurant and the snow didn't amount to anything, thank goodness. Now, where's that trophy? Seems the President had this one as well. Looks like we'll need to invite the trophy holder to the game in future.

Muirhead2013 HopePairs2013

Annual General Meeting held on 7th May 7:30pm at Cricket Club at Forthbank.


A good turn out listened to all the good stuff the club has achieved over the season and the healthy nature of the finances. The new office bearers were announced and the change of the guard took place with the exception of the Secretary. We are still looking. Some discussion took place regarding the future and the requirements of maintaining our chartership with ClubSport Stirling. After a short break, the prize giving took place and then a chance to relax and have some food along with drinks. So that brings season 2012-2013 to an end. Have a good summer.


Val Saville, right, receiving the Ladies Points Trophy at the AGM from the new President, Alison Dawson.