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News from Season 2013 to 2014

Alison recovering from her operation.


Our President Alsion Dawson had surgery on July 18th and has been making a steady recovery since then. We all wish her a successful and speedy one. All the details can be found on her blog 'Alison's Adventures in Schwannderland' 

Getting more people curling.


The club supported the efforts of ActiveStirling to encourage more people to take up the sport of curling by providing club members as well as interested people to try curling  on Thursday 26th Sept at 6.15pm. Graeme Anderson and Liz Dixon helped out by inviting 10 people along whom they thought might enjoy the game to this session. There were a total of 12 people trying it out. Joe Kincaid helped organise the following session at 7:15pm by getting the people to register and answering their questions while the instructors finished the first session. 10 people took part in the second session, so hopefully out of 22 people, there will be many who will sign up for the curling classes and at some time in future join the club for games. Thanks to everyone who asked people to try the game. We should be doing this every year.

District Medal won against Errol C.C.

The rink of Linsey Alison (skip), Joe Kincaid, Graeme Anderson and Robert Stewart won the RCCC District Medal against Errol C.C. on Friday night, 4th October at the Peak. After taking a one in the first end, Errol went on to build up a lead of 1 v 5 after 5 ends. It all turned around in the 6th end when we took 5 shots and the lead once more, winning 8 v 5 in the end. The ice was drawing the most we have ever seen and favoured Errol's drawing game. It took us a while to get used to it and it looked like we were the visiting team for a while. However, Linsey took out their skip's two last stones to leave five counters in the house and we never looked back. A very good game and Errol were great sports. They got caught up in the closure of the  bridge over the railway into Riverside, but they made it in time for the start of the game.

The Points Trophy won by Calum Macnee, Ladies Cup by Linsey Alison.

Once again there was a small but keen turnout for the Points and nine out of ten disciplines were completed before the bell called time. See the score sheets here.

The results were encouraging, an improvement over last year with Chip the Winner remaining in the top three of best disciplines achieved. Analysis available. Guarding was not so good this time, early days for getting the feel of the ice?


Linsey & Val toured Sweden on 1st to 11th November

Linsey and Val went off to Sweden on 1st November as part of the RCCC Ladies tour.


Val's blog site which kept everyone up to date with what they were up to. View the results here


Uppsala, Karlstadt, Jonkoping, Norrkoping and lastly Stockholm ice rinks were all visited with the Scotland team eventually winning by 177 shots to 159.

Annual Match with Crossmyloof took place at Braehead Ice Rink on 21st November

Two rinks took part in the annual game with Crossmyloof, this time at their ice rink. Last year it was peels in every sense so that no clear winner could be produced.


This time around it started with the same scores for the first two ends on both rinks, which for us was bad news as we were behind on both ends. Jim Kerr's rink then managed to win an end by two shots. It took Joe Kincaid's rink till the fourth end to win one. The ice was very different from the Peak and we didn't really play well. Crossmyloof were worthy winners this time.


An enjoyable time was had by all after the game in the PREZZO restuarant in the centre. Rory MacKenzie (right) handed the trophy over to Joe Wilson of Crossmyloof in the restuarant.


Christmas Bonspiel won by Linsey Alison's rink

Sheets 5 and 6 at the Peak saw the annual challenge of winning the Bullions Trophy take place with the Christmas Bonspiel. At stake were four bottles of booze for the winning team and a trophy at the end of the season. Christmas attire was not mandatory but a few folk participated. If there was a prize for best dressed curler, then Jim Kerr was literally head and shoulders above everyone else with his santa's little helper hat borrowed from the grandson.

As to the curling, the ice was very keen and made for an interesting match. Linsey's team of herself, Derrick Douglas and Anne Kane (yes someone didn't turn up) won on the night. President Alison Dawson made the effort to turn up and present the prizes in the restaurant before the meal. A good night was had by all.

Nail biting win for the Button Trophy with Torbrex

Played on Friday the 17th December with two rinks a side, it went to the last shot of the match to decide whether Torbrex or ourselves would take the Button Trophy for the year.  It proved too much in the end for Torbrex and we took two shots to win the trophy by an aggregate score of 14 v 13, only +1 shot up.

Great play at the Hope Pairs Trophy final

Played on ice specially prepared for the British Opympic squads to practice on before going to the Winter Olypics in Sochi, Russia, the Hope Pairs final was a terrific contest with last stone deciding the first 5 ends. The draw possible was the biggest seen at the Peak, making it a very demanding competition. The score was 6 v 4 after the 7 ends.


Polmaise Trophy retained for another year

Another very enjoyable game between us and our nearest neighbouring club and although the score doesn't reflect the good play on both sides some ends could have gone either way. A great result for us on the night with an aggregate score of 18 v 5 over the two rinks.

Alex Reid Trophy retained for another year

The Second Team lift the Alex Reid trophy at the Ice Rink after another high score.

Pictured left to right, Skip Calum Macnee, Jim Marshall, John Brisbane and Robert Stewart..


The club retained the trophy for another year by a single end, the second team doing one better than the first to keep the opposition at bay once again.

AGM was held in the Cricket club on 13th May at 7:00pm.

The Ice Allocation requests have been submitted to Active Stirling before our AGM, with Wednesday evening being the preferred time for curling, with the exception of the bonspiels which will remain Fridays with a meal afterwards. The AGM had a good turnout, with the club providing finger food after the main business and the bar was open with Carol Anderson doing the necessary.


Alison took over the Secretary's duties as well for her final year as President. She announced that due to ill health, she would no longer be a club member after next season. She was thanked for her efforts and wished all the best for the future.

AGM held in the Cricket Club on 13th May.


Bullion's Trophy winners L Alison (Skip) with trophy, Anne Kane left and Derrick Douglas right with President Alison Dawson far left.