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AGM held on 24th April Forthbank Performance Centre, Wallace Suite, 7:00pm

12 people attended the Annual General Meeting in support the work of the club and were involved in decisions affecting its future. We celebrated another successful season that built on the wins achieved in 2017-2018 and we confirmed plans to continue that expansion and success into season 2019-2020.

One of the main topics discussed was the change in discount that will impact us next season. This will see the amount of money we need to pay increase to £9.00 per per person per game, up from £8.50. This is a reduction of discount by 5% and this reduction is planned to continue over the following two years to bring the discount for a chartered club down to 10%. A payment plan suggested by the treasurer was discussed and it was agreed to keep the payments the same for next season and to review the impact at the next AGM. Norman Ainslie, the Development Officer notified everyone about the club introducing Mixed Doubles curling in a trial to let everyone experience it. The club will also sponsor a TryCurling evening with ice for coaching as well before the season starts.

The biggest change in personnel was President Graeme Anderson handing over to John Brisbane and Alan Watt stepping up from the committee to become Vice President. Alan Hadden will take his place in the committee. At the end of the meeting, new President John Brisbane, presented trophies to the winners of the competitions for the season. All the photos of the presentations are found here.

2019AGM_203225 Minutes of 2019 AGM

Coaching / Try Curling a great success

We had the most successful coaching / trycurling evening to date with 9 members turning up to get the feel on the ice and get their game back in order. Alan Watt also brought three new people from the Christmas family, Sally-Ann, daughter Alison and boyfriend Euan, along to try curling for the first time. Norman Ainslie, the club coach led their introduction to the sport on one sheet while everyone else eased into the way of playing again on a separate sheet. The secretary, Joe Kincaid directed a light coaching session for the members. First task was simply draw into the house to get started. There then followed a quick game for one end. Then we moved onto take out practice where two stones were placed in the house and only take outs were played. This continued for several ends while everyone was given feedback on their delivery. When Norman had the trialists up to a sufficient  level of skill, he led then in  a game with 4 members. The 4 remaining memebrs decided to try out mixed doubles rules curling and managed 3 ends of play to get a good experience in playing that type of game. It certainly made the type of play different from how normal doubles is played.

At the end, Sally-Ann Christmas duly announced that the whole family would sign up, including her husband Alastair, for membership of the club and also take up lessons and move onto the virtual club. So Alan, Norman and Joe stayed with them while they got Peak Membership and signed up for the lessons. They were proficient enough at playing for us to offer them to come along to the opening bonspiel and Alison and Euan have accepted it. We look forward to welcoming them at the Peak.

Final stone decider for Opening Bonspiel

This is the reason why it is so much more meaningful to have at least 2 rinks playing together in a bonspiel. After rearranging teams 3 and 4 because of substitutes, play started. This was the first rink to shake hands on the night tied at 3 ends each and 6 shots each, so could not be separated. The other rink was tied at 3 ends each, but team 2 had scored 7 shots to 3 in reply so needed to win to take the trophy outright. It was looking good as they were lying shot but didn't have last stone. Jim Neilson played that last stone and knocked the scoring shot out of the way to lie two to win with 4 ends to 3, even though they were behind in shots. Alan Watt as vice president read out the scoring at the end and congratulated the winning team of Norman Ainslie, Joe Kincaid, Jim Neilson and Luisella Mosley. We also welcomed Alison Christmas and Euan McLagan onto the ice where they played on opposing sides and played with good skill given that they had only been introduced to the game the week before. So we look forward to more of their contributions in future as they go through lessons.

Doune Rosebowl narrowly missed

The team of Joe Kincaid, skip, Iain Gwynne, Alan Watt and Jim Marshall played in the Doune Rosebowl which is a winner moves up each end competition. The team won 5 ends to 2 lost with +7 shots up. This proved to be the highest score in the evening session, but in the afternoon a Kilsyth team ended up with the same ends but with +10 shots up to win the trophy. However our team were still rewarded with £5 M&S vouchers each at the buffet in the restaurant after the game.