Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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AGM held on 24th April Forthbank Performance Centre, Wallace Suite, 7:00pm

12 people attended the Annual General Meeting in support the work of the club and were involved in decisions affecting its future. We celebrated another successful season that built on the wins achieved in 2017-2018 and we confirmed plans to continue that expansion and success into season 2019-2020.

One of the main topics discussed was the change in discount that will impact us next season. This will see the amount of money we need to pay increase to £9.00 per per person per game, up from £8.50. This is a reduction of discount by 5% and this reduction is planned to continue over the following two years to bring the discount for a chartered club down to 10%. A payment plan suggested by the treasurer was discussed and it was agreed to keep the payments the same for next season and to review the impact at the next AGM. Norman Ainslie, the Development Officer notified everyone about the club introducing Mixed Doubles curling in a trial to let everyone experience it. The club will also sponsor a TryCurling evening with ice for coaching as well before the season starts.

The biggest change in personnel was President Graeme Anderson handing over to John Brisbane and Alan Watt stepping up from the committee to become Vice President. Alan Hadden will take his place in the committee. At the end of the meeting, new President John Brisbane, presented trophies to the winners of the competitions for the season. All the photos of the presentations are found here.

2019AGM_203225 Minutes of 2019 AGM