Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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Open Day for Come and Try and Coaching and Practice.

Wednesday 30th August 2017 at 6:15pm


  • Invite your friends, colleagues and neighbours to come and try curling for free.

  • Remove the rust from the summer to practice your own game.

  • Spend time working with club coach and others to improve your game.


This is part of your commitment to developing the club and improving your enjoyment of the game of curling


Do let the club development officer know about any special coaching needs you may have and we will do our best to cover them.


For any new curlers who attend this event, the development path to becoming a full member of the club is as follows:

  • Try curling with the club to see if there is an aptitude (free).

  • Attend an Adult Learner class of four lessons (Learner charge).

  • Join the Virtual Club as a learner and at the same time join our club as an improver (Virtual charge)


This can take a month to complete to become a member of the club and start playing games.


The Try Curling night was a success with four people, Phil & Siobhan, Craig and Les coming along to see what it was like to play the game. All four took it up well enough for them to play two ends with four club members, two learners to each team. Some photos from the night are included below. We now have a template to follow for future events.

Images from the night, Siobhan delivering a stone, Les and Craig sweeping, Craig delivering a stone with Les sweeping and Phil delivering a stone and Siobhan sweeping. Norman was in his coaching outfit overseeing their learning. Alan, Jim, Graeme and Derrick played along with them.