Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Outdoor Ponds where the club has played

This map represents all the recorded outdoor curling that the club participated in from its inception ib 1857 through to 1947 when all curling clubs moved to indoor ice. As can be seen, the area is fairly compact and the most frequently used close at hand. The club has a long history of friendship with its immedate neighbour Borestone and their pond at Bearside is the most frequently used pond for inter-club matches. Here the Polmaise Trophy presented by Colonel Murray forms a key part of this relationship. Also of note is playing for the J. Dick Medal annually against Denny Greens at each club's pond in alternate years. Province and Grand Match competitions provide most of the rest.


The map can be zoomed in. One location is hidden, Loch Coulter, it is behind the icon for Longhill Loch.


Clicking on the icon displayed on the map provides further information regarding the pond, and the games played.


This is only a fraction of the curling ponds in the Stirling area. A full map can be found here at Scottish Curling Places.


The data used here was an extract from this database.