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Stirlingshire Province and Forth Valley Area Games 2017-18

Forth Valley Area Knockout

27th September, Wednesday 18:15 v Buchlyvie

12th October, Thursday 18:15 Second Round TBC

15th November, Wednesday 20:30 Semi Final TBC

29th November, Wednesday 20:30 Final TBC

Stirlingshire Province Knockout 

25th September, Monday 21:00 v Borestone & Stirling (In the NCA)

17th October, Tuesday 21:00 Semi Final v TBC (In the NCA)

24th October, Tuesday 21:00 Final v TBC (In the NCA)

Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy

13th November, Monday 20:30 v Borestone & Stirling




14th November, Tuesday 20:30 v Falkirk

Forth Valley Area Bonspiel

18th January, Thursday 20:30 v Doune

Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy

22nd January, Monday 15:00 v Falkirk




23rh January, Tuesday 20:30 v Grangemouth

Stirlingshire Province Murray Trophy

19th February, Monday 18:15 v Grangemouth




20th February, Tuesday 20:30 v Campsie Glen

We played along with teams from Kilsyth and Borestone and Stirling as part of this competition. It took place on a really cold night, but the curling made up for it. All our games were hot contests and both were close going into the final ends. Unfortunately the Bank of Scotland team stole a three to beat our A team, while our other rink finished with a five to ensure victory.



It is always satisfying to have a good win against a club, but when it contains a couple of ex-members it is even better. Our team played really well to beat Doune winning 5 ends to 2 to make it a convincing win all round. Unfortunately the rest of the Province didn't do the same and West Lothian won overall.


Having won the first 4 ends we got a bit nervous when they finally scored but simply traded the final two ends to finish 5 ends won and a good start to the competition.

The second team had a really tough match against Grangemouth with single shots winning all ends and our team winning 4 v 3 in both shots and ends. We didn't do enough to win but we were ahead of Grangemouth by a single shot for second while Borestone & Stirling won the trophy wih 10 ends in total.


We put forward a team to play the Canadian Tourists and they had an enjoyable game agains them, winning 5 ends in a row before they came back to win the last 3 ends. Skip Joe decided to play his last stone and gave them another shot to make it all square at the end. Next time he wont.



The last Province trophy up for grabs and it was a battle with Grangemouth as always but we managed to win 4 ends and win by 8 shots to 4. The game against Campsie Glen was looking better with 5 ends won to 2 lost, but in the final end hey managed to win the last end by 3 shots to make it look a lot closer than it had been at 7 v 6 in shots and 5 v 3 in ends.

Some great play from the Borestone skip Derek Young kept our team from winning this one.







After getting off to a great start Buchlyvie got back into it and streaked ahead with a couple of fours scored. We won more ends but just couldn't keep their scoring down.

Touring Canadians

29th January, Monday 10:00

RCCC Waldie Griffiths Trophy v West Fife Province

7th January, Sunday 17:00 v West Fife clubs at Kinross Curling Rink