Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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11th December, Tuesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Grangemouth

22nd January, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v FIRCC

20th February, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v FIRCC

Stirlingshire Province and Forth Valley Area Games 2018-19

Forth Valley Area Knockout

Stirlingshire Province Knockout 

Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy

10th December, Monday 8:45pm @ Peak v Kilsyth

Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy

21st January, Monday 3:00pm @ Peak v Falkirk Ladies

Stirlingshire Province Murray Trophy

19th February, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Falkirk

We couldn't raise enough players for two teams so we asked the Province Secretary Malcolm Duncan if he could help out. Just so happened he had 6 of his own club members (Grangemouth) wanting to play so he invited the 2 he didn't pick to come along. Team 1 played Dumbarton CC who play at Braehead and they certainly settled down to the ice better than we did. It was extremely difficult to score against them and they eventually won 2 v 6, we only won 1 end. The scratch team faired much better starting with a 4, keeping the opposition to singles, getting 3 and then trailing off at the end to lose 8 v 11. A valiant effort. Borestone and Stirling won their match, Grangemouth lost theirs. So Stirlingshire won't be winning the trophy. We retired to the cafe for soup and sandwiches which were good, a drink and a blether with our opposition, who made us most welcome.


In the Murray Trophy, we won both games but unfortunately we had one missing player in the first round and so were penalised 3 ends. No chance of winning with just 6 ends, need double figures at least for Province games.

Waldie Griffiths Trophy

3rd February, Sunday 10:00am @ Braehead v Dunbartonshire