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20th November, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirlng

21st January, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Falkirk Ladies

19th February, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Dollar Ladies

Stirlingshire Province and Forth Valley Area Games

Forth Valley Area Knockout

Stirlingshire Province Knockout 

Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy

19th November, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Denny (No Show)

Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy

20th January, Monday 3:00pm @ Peak v Falkirk

Stirlingshire Province Murray Trophy

18th February, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirling

After we gave away a six in the second end! It was never in doubt as 5 ends out of 7 won.  A good game, winning 10 v 7.

In the second game, Torbrex turned up one player short, so disqualified, but we played anyway and peeled at 9 v 9.

Another tough game against Kilsyth but we managed to win 3 ends this time, playing a bit better overall. Still straightforward win for them with John Davie skipping again. See below.




Neck and neck after 6 ends at 6 v 6. We then managed to clear out all the opposition stones to lie 4 and despite their best efforts we scored the 4 despite the fact that Norman ought to have made it 5. We then blocked their means of scoring more than 1 and we shook hands at 10 v 7.

Kilsyth played with John Davie as skip and were overwhelming in their play. We were never going to worry them.


Buccaneers failed to turn up for the semi-final so we progressed through to the final on a bye basically. Not good, as we had prepared for the game. Their name is now MUD.

We lost the toss but caught them out and managed to steal a 1. They showed their class by scoring a 4 in the next, but didn't play well in the third end and with stones spread out Norman drew in for a 3. We couldn't stop them building up a big head in the next end and they eventually chipped our scoring stone out to take a 5. They then played defensively to limit us to a single shot while coming back with a 3. We shook hands at 5 v 12


Dunn Trophy - Denny failed to turn up with 4 players so the game didn't start. Borestone & Stirling had Derek Young as skip and won the first 3 ends. We then won the next 2, lost 1 then took the next 2 to draw level. Not enough to win it though.

Rink Championship

6th November, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Buccaneers

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Forth Valley Bonspiel

22th January, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Buchlyvie

Rink Championship

13th November, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Keir Final