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20th November, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirlng

21st January, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Falkirk Ladies

19th February, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Dollar Ladies

Stirlingshire Province and Forth Valley Area Games

Forth Valley Area Knockout

Stirlingshire Province Knockout 

Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy

19th November, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Denny (No Show)

Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy

20th January, Monday 3:00pm @ Peak v Falkirk

Stirlingshire Province Murray Trophy

18th February, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirling

After we gave away a six in the second end! It was never in doubt as 5 ends out of 7 won.  A good game, winning 10 v 7.

In the second game, Torbrex turned up one player short, so disqualified, but we played anyway and peeled at 9 v 9.

Another tough game against Kilsyth but we managed to win 3 ends this time, playing a bit better overall. Still straightforward win for them with John Davie skipping again. See below.




Neck and neck after 6 ends at 6 v 6. We then managed to clear out all the opposition stones to lie 4 and despite their best efforts we scored the 4 despite the fact that Norman ought to have made it 5. We then blocked their means of scoring more than 1 and we shook hands at 10 v 7.

Kilsyth played with John Davie as skip and were overwhelming in their play. We were never going to worry them.


Buccaneers failed to turn up for the semi-final so we progressed through to the final on a bye basically. Not good, as we had prepared for the game. Their name is now MUD.

Against Keir, we lost the toss but caught them out and managed to steal a 1. They showed their class by scoring a 4 in the next, but didn't play well in the third end and with stones spread out Norman drew in for a 3. We couldn't stop them building up a big head in the next end and they eventually chipped our scoring stone out to take a 5. They then played defensively to limit us to a single shot while coming back with a 3. We shook hands at 5 v 12


We have subsequently been invited to play at the Rink Championship finals in Forfar.

Section A Crosshill 8 v 6

Cocktail 10 v 2

Strathkinness 11 v 6

Dunning 17 v 0

There were 4 sections and each section had a team that didn't win a game, just like us.

All the details on Scottish Curling website.




Dunn Trophy - Denny failed to turn up with 4 players so the game didn't start. Borestone & Stirling had Derek Young as skip and won the first 3 ends. We then won the next 2, lost 1 then took the next 2 to draw level. Not enough to win it though.


A good start in the Aitken with 5 ends secured to a score of 10 v 4. We went on a run of 4 ends in a row but couldn't quite steal the final end, Falkirk's skip Ritchie Stewart playing two perfect stones to double his team's score on the night.

The second game was almost a whitewash ending 17 v 2, unfortunaley we needed one more end to tie for the trophy which we would have wonon shots, undeleivable.


Really happy about this one because Buchlyvie have beaten us so many times in Area competitions, ended 6 v 3 in shots and despite losing two ends in a row we then won all the rest with single shots. Stirlinghsire won too, with Borestone & Stirling getting the trophy for a slightly better score than us.


At last we have a Province Trophy after so many near things. 12 ends usually secures the trophy and we did it. As the Province Secretary said, "Congratulations to Sauchie & Bannockburn who had a convincing win in the Murray Trophy held this week. They were helped by managing to play 8 ends both nights maybe a lesson to us all on rate of play."

Rink Championship

6th November, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Buccaneers

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Forth Valley Bonspiel

22th January, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Buchlyvie

Rink Championship

13th November, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Keir Final

Rink Championship

6th to 8th March, Wednesday to Sunday various times throughout the weekend.