Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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20th November, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirlng

21st January, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Falkirk Ladies

19th February, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Dollar Ladies

Stirlingshire Province and Forth Valley Area Games

Forth Valley Area Knockout

Stirlingshire Province Knockout 

Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy

19th November, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Denny

Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy

20th January, Monday 3:00pm @ Peak v Falkirk

Stirlingshire Province Murray Trophy

18th February, Tuesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Borestone & Stirling

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Rink Championship

6th November, Wednesday 8:45pm @ Peak v Kilsyth

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Forth Valley Bonspiel

22th January, Wednesday 6:15pm @ Peak v Buchlyvie