Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

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Recruitment Policy

Recruitment – Club

The club in conjunction with the Ice Sports Development Officer will agree a date and time suited to the club for a public Try Curling session at least annually. This date will be centre to a united effort within the club to recruit friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc… The Curling club’s most effective recruitment tool is through their existing club members.  People recruited by curlers who they already know, are more likely to be retained in the sport and to join their club.


Through the Stirling East Community Sports Hub, schools and other sports clubs will be linked to the Curling Club who will then direct them through agreed New Curler Pathways and support their introduction to the sport.


Recruitment - Members

When club members recruit people for this session, club members should adopt a relaxed, zero commitment approach and encourage people to attend the identified Try Curling session mentioned above.  Members will not be over-selective in who they will invite – Invite anyone regardless of availability, financial circumstance or other commitments.  Leave the decision to them whether they want to try curling or not.  Even if they can’t take up curling at that point, if they have a positive experience, they may well come back in future. That person may even tell others about how much they enjoyed their first curling experience bringing other recruitment opportunities.


Supporting New Curlers - Members

Once the member has identified people to attend the Try Curling session and booked accordingly, the member should accompany the new curler to provide support and confidence during their first curling experience. Following this the member should provide support to the new curler throughout their development in the sport.


New Curler Pathway – Active Stirling Coaching

All new curlers should be encouraged to join Active Stirling coaching programmes rather than directly into club activities.  Active Stirling sports development has a pathway in place to train new curlers to prepare them to join the club.  The process takes up to one year from their introduction to the sport.  Curlers will in fact be recruiting club members for the following season not the current season.  If interested in continuing along their path to becoming a curler, the new curlers will progress through Active Stirling programmes led by qualified coaches starting with the Try Curling session then Beginners Classes then Virtual Club.  The Virtual Club can be a means of holding of new curlers until the club is willing to accept them as a playing member.  Virtual Club membership is restricted to two years.  Coaches will provide a fun and sociable introduction to the sport providing a positive and fun experience for the new curlers.


Accepting New Members - Club

All new members will be warmly welcomed by the committee and existing membership to aid both their enjoyment and development as curlers, hopefully leading to a life-long participation in curling.