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13th March, Tuesday 21:00 v Larbert (In the NCA)

Small Curling Clubs Alliance League 2017-18

The Small Curling Clubs Alliance is made up of a group of curling clubs with small memberships with the purpose of providing a variety of opponents over the curling season. It is currently composed of the following clubs, Larbert, Dunblane, Grangemouth, Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Lauriston & Zetland, Torbrex and now ourselves.

5th September, Tuesdat 20:30 v Torbrex

20th September, Wednesday 20:30 v Bonnybridge

3rd October, Tuesday 18:15 v Lauriston & Zetland

18th October, Wednesday 18:15 v Dunblane

7th November, Wednesday 20:30 v Grangemouth

29th November, Wednesday 20:30 v Larbert

21st December, Thursday 18:15 v Falkirk

17th January, Wednesday 20:30 v Torbrex

13th January, Friday 20:30 v Blairdrummond

30th January, Tuesday 20:30 v Lauriston & Zetland

13th January, Friday 20:30 v Blairdrummond

7th February, Wednesday 18:15 v Dunblane

27th February, Tuesday 21:00 v Grangemouth (In the NCA)

27th March, Tuesday 20:30 v Falkirk

29th March, Thursday 20:30 Closing Bonspiel

25th January, Thursday 18:15 v Bonnybridge

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At the closing bonspiel of the SCCA League we had four players playing in mixed teams. At the end of the night the trophy was presented to us by Martin Smith of Laurieston and Zetland, who organises the league. Left to right, Joe Kincaid, Martin Smith, Graeme Anderson, Norman Ainslie and Derrick Douglas.