Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Secretary of the Club

Roles & responsibilities


ROLE TITLE: Secretary

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Club Executive Committee


Fixtures Secretary, Vice Secretary (if there is one).


1. Enthusiastic

2. Well organised

3. Prepared to make a regular time commitment

4. Able to record meeting decisions clearly and accurately



1. To be the ‘principal administrator’ for the club, dealing with all club correspondence, distributing to relevant officers for response where required.

2. To prepare and distribute the Committee meeting and the Annual General Meeting Agendas.

3. Keep the Minutes of all Club Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting and distribute copies.

4. Keep signed copies of all meeting minutes on file.

5. To carry out or delegate all of the administrative duties thereby enabling the club and its members to function effectively.

6. To work alongside the treasurer to see that all affiliation/registration documents are accurate and are paid on time.

7. To ensure that all members have a copy of the club handbook, the current fixtures list, members contacts etc

8. Record all the results of the matches played by the club and determine the winners of the competitions run by the club.

9. Maintain the trophies of the club and any other artefacts belonging to the club such as previous minute books etc.


What else can you tell me about the role?

The Club Secretary is a pivotal role within the club and with the assistance of the Club Development Officer should provide the main points of contact for people within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities. It is a demanding, high profile role that has a major impact on the efficient and effective management of the club.


As the first point of contact for the club, it is helpful if the Secretary has an active e-mail account as well as a mobile phone. The club is keen to support the Secretary in the use of modern office technology so as to assist them in their job.


What tasks are involved?

Tasks will include:

1. Dealing with correspondence.

2. Organising and booking ice for the season.

3. Organising and attending the club AGM and other club meetings.

4. Maintaining a record of the season of matches played by the club.

5. Maintaining a membership list both locally and on the RCCC Membership website.

6. Engraving trophies with the winners at the end of every season.



The estimated time commitment required as the Secretary of Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club is 5 hours per month