Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club

    Member of Scottish Curling

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Roles & responsibilities 


ROLE TITLE: Treasurer

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Club Management Committee

SKILLS REQUIRED: Well organised

Able to keep records

Confident about handling figures and money


Prepared to make a regular time commitment



1. Responsible for the club finances on an annual basis.

2. Deal efficiently and effectively with all invoices and bills.

3. Keep up to date records of all the financial transactions.

4. Manage the collection of club membership and playing fees.

5. Ensure that funds are spent properly.

6. Issue receipts and record all money received.

7. Attend committee meetings and present the budget report.

8. Prepare the end of year accounts to present to the auditors.

9. In agreement with the committee plan the annual budget.

10. Monitor the budget throughout the year and alert the management committee of any events detrimental to the financial health of the club in a imely manner.

11. Managing the signatories of the cheque account. There must be three active signatories, with the Treasurer and Secretary being required. Any other committee member can be the third signatory.

12. Managing and keeping secure the bank account of the club using the bank’s website and any additional security devices provided such as secure keys.


What else can you tell me about the role?

Fees are collected 3 times during the season, at the start, January and end of season.  The first 2 payments are based on the average amount of games (10) played by members, the final payment is only required for any additional games members may have played. Any money that is held by the club will be credited to next season or refunded via cheque, at the member’s discretion. Payment can be made to the Treasurer by cheque, cash or direct to the club account online.  Members will be issued with a statement of their account in January and at the end of the season with their final bill by the treasurer.


TIME  COMMITMENT: The estimated time commitment required as the Secretary of Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Club is 5 hours per month